Friday, February 22, 2019
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Mozart Sonatina

composer: Mozart, W. A. (1756-1791), arr. by Jay Ernst
title: Mozart Sonatina
publisher: Kendor Music
level: Junior High / Intermediate
range: g’’
description: Once again, the student has the opportunity to play music by a “real” composer. This Sonatina, adapted from Mozart, consists of three movements: Allegro (quick and lively), Larghetto (slow and lyrical), and Menuetto (a dance in 3/4). Students usually play the 2nd movement with one of the faster movements instead of the entire work; I prefer to use the first two movements together. The 1st movement requires some quick fingering and tonguing, but it is very accessible. Since it has very little rest, I would suggest that the repeat be omitted. The 2nd movement is a gorgeous melody that is not too technically difficult, but there are some rhythms that will need explanation. The 3rd movement is fairly simple yet lively. It is fairly lengthy with its Da Capo al Fine. This, too, is one of my favorite solos.
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