Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Carnival Petite

composer: Cimera, Jaroslav
title: Carnival Petite
publisher: Belwin
level: Junior High
range: g’’
description: Anyone who has ever hear the famous Carnival Variations by J. B. Arban or Herbert L. Clarke would recognize this simple version in similar, “virtuoso” cornet style. It begins with a short cadenza, followed by the famous Carnival melody and three variations upon that melody. Variation 1 consists of lots of scale-like 8th-note “runs;” the 2nd variation is features chromatic runs as well; and the 3rd variation is made up of 16th-note runs, ending with a short cadenza. This solo is for the technically gifted youngster who would love to play the adult version of Carnival. This is also a great opportunity for the student to experiment with the cornet-solo style.
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