Friday, February 22, 2019
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High School Intermediate Solos

3rd through 6th year students; increased range and technical difficulty.

Hyfrydol Aspects

composer: Everson, Terry
title: Hyfrydol Aspects
publisher: TREverson Music
level: High School - Intermediate
range: concert f’’

Terry Everson composed Hyfrydol Aspects for trumpet and piano in 2008 for his son to perform at the 2009 National Trumpet Competition. Accessible to younger players, Hyfrydol Aspects has a range to "g" on top of the staff and has adequate rest points throughout.

Based on the Hyfrodol hymn tune, the composition is styled as a theme and variations with excellent interplay with the piano. Challenges for the developing trumpeter include work in four distinct key areas and an exploration of various meters, including 5/8.

Stylistically, there are many contrasting sections, which can be an excellent teaching opportunity. The hymn tune is presented in a lyrical, flowing setting, which later develops into technical and angular passages.

Hyfrodol Aspects is a thoughtful composition, serving as an excellent young contest piece, with many great teaching opportunities and musical moments.

Reviewer's note: I have a used Hyfrodol Aspects in my studio. I've also performed it myself as a prelude and offertory for church services. A brief rehearsal with the pianist is recommended!


A Sunday Excursion

composer: Bradshaw, Robert J.
title: A Sunday Excursion
publisher: Beauport Press Music Publications
level: High School Intermediate/Advanced
range: G''

A Sunday Excursion is a delightful and fresh composition from the ever-brass-friendly Robert J. Bradshaw. Composed for flugelhorn and piano, this piece also works well on trumpet.

With solid lyrical melodies at modest tempos, this composition allows a sense of independent freedom, where both performers can develop the nuances of phrasing and expression. The cohesiveness of the two parts makes for several wonderful ensemble moments.

The composer clearly displays tempo and style indications throughout. With practical range and ample points of resting for the flugelhornist, the piece is accessible for many developmental levels. The piano part maintains "vertical rhythm" during the flugelhorn rests.

Pedagogical opportunities for the student and teacher include addressing phrasing, maintaining tempo and rhythmic integrity, and navigating modest 4/4, 3/4, meter shifts.

A Sunday Excursion is an excellent choice for the developing student, but also has plenty of musical substance for a "change of pace" selection on a collegiate recital.

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