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High School Advanced Solos

3rd through 6th year students; increased range and technical difficulty.

Latin Holiday

composer: Niehaus, Lennie
title: Latin Holiday
publisher: Kendor
level: High School Advanced
range: e flat''' (optional g''')
description: This is for the “lead” trumpet player who wants to show off his or her range and latin jazz styling within a solo with piano accompaniment. The piece features several fanfares, a nice melodic section, a contrasting 6/8 section, and lots of high notes! It is over 8 minutes in length, but it does provide several breaks, and it is not technically very difficult; the determining factor for the player will obviously be its range.

Adagio and Allegro

composer: Handel, George F. (1685-1759); arranged: Fitzgerald
title: Adagio and Allegro
publisher: Presser
level: High School Advanced
range: c’’’
description: This is a very attractive Baroque transcription which can serve as a good introduction to the Baroque literature; it consists of two distinct sections - as per the title - and contains opportunities for the teacher to add ornamentation (trills, mordents etc.). It is technically, musically, and physically (embouchure) challenging, but within the reach of a good high school player.

All 'Antica

composer: Goeyens, Alphonse (1894-?)
title: All 'Antica
publisher: Southern
level: High School Advanced
range: b flat’
description: Although written in the 20th century, this piece is in the classical style as its title infers. From the heroic beginning theme to the expressive middle theme, the piece is attractive and not overly difficult. We suggest observing the optional “cut” to delete a rather awkward section that does not seem to fit with the rest of the piece. The difficulties of this piece are in the sixteenth-note phrases which sit at the top of the staff; it is a very good introduction to the classical style for someone not yet ready for the Haydn and Hummell concerti

Aria and Rondo

composer: Fiocco, J.H. (arr. Arthur Frackenpohl)
title: Aria and Rondo
publisher: Kendor
level: High School Advanced
range: b flat" (c''')
description: As indicated by the title, this piece consists of two movements, the first being a lyrical “song”, the second being a contrasting, lively piece. The Aria begins simply, but then the melody becomes more ornate and quite technical, requiring not only good finger technique, but also fluid flexibility throughout the range. The Rondo is somewhat faster in tempo, but its technical requirements are similar to the Aria. It is obvious by the shape of the melody that Mr. Fiocco was a violin and keyboard player, as the 16th notes skip around in repetitive, arpeggiated figures which often hover in the range from c’’ to a’’. The piece is not easy, but the music is well worth the effort.

The Southern Cross

composer: Clarke, Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945)
title: The Southern Cross
publisher: Witmaker & Sons
level: High School Advanced
range: d’’’
description: The Southern Cross is one of only a few Clarke cornet-style solos not requiring multiple tonguing, therefore making it more accessible to the High School student. While the cadenzas take the range up to e-flat’’’, the soloist may easily edit out that part at will; the d’’’ in one of the later melodic sections could be edited around as well. As are all of the Clarke solos, Southern Cross is very dramatic, very rubato, and require much technique and a knowledge of the “proper” style. It is well worth the work!

Carnival of Venice

composer: Clarke, Herbert L. Clarke (1867-1945)
title: Carnival of Venice
publisher: Warner Bros.
level: High School Advanced
range: c’’’
description: This is one of the most famous cornet solos of all. Like most of its genre, it consists of an introduction, a melodic (folk tune) main theme, several technically challenging variations on that theme, and cadenzas. This version of Carnival is easier than the famous Arban version, but is still difficult. The main challenges include finger technique.

Solo de Concours

composer: Charlier, Theo
title: Solo de Concours
publisher: Schott Freres
level: High School Advanced / College
description: As most French-style works, this piece is made up of several contrasting sections. It begins with a “decisive” theme, followed by several lyrical (yet technical) sections. The “Final” is dance-like, in 5/4, interspersed with various technical passages, including double-tonguing and trills, and ending with a chromatic scale and “ta da!” It is one of the more“Romantic”-sounding works for trumpet and is very enjoyable.


composer: Bozza, Eugene
title: Badinage
publisher: Leduc
level: High School Advanced
range: b”
description: The Badinage consists of several contrasing ideas: a light-hearted “giocoso,” a minor lyrical section, and several fanfare-like passages. The chief difficulties include use of double-tonguing, some rhythmic challenges, and the light, clear articulation required in all ranges.

Aria from Cantata No. 1, How Brightly Shines Yon Star of Morn

composer: Bach, Johann Sebastion (1685-1750); arranged: Fitzgerald
title: Aria from Cantata No. 1, How Brightly Shines Yon Star of Morn
publisher: Medici Music Press
level: High School Advanced
range: a flat”
description: As a vocal transcription, this piece is smooth and melodic, although the melody contains lots of scale-like, sixteenth note figures. The melody stays near the top of the staff quite a lot, making endurance somewhat difficult, but there are many small breaks in which to rest one’s lips. It is very pretty and represents a rare opportunity for students to experience Baroque music at its best.

Andante et Allegretto

composer: Balay, Guillame (1871-1943)
title: Andante et Allegretto
publisher: International
level: High School Advanced
range: g”
description: This French piece can actually be divided into three sections: a lyrical Andante, a “nimble” Allegretto, and the dramatic ending of the Allegretto. The main difficulties include the 12/8 time signature of the Andante, syncopations, and some tricky finger technique. This is a great piece for the mature student with good technique, but who perhaps lacks range.

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