Thursday, February 21, 2019
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Petite Rhapsody for Trumpet

composer: Uber, David
title: Petite Rhapsody for Trumpet
publisher: Kendor
level: High School Advanced
range: b" (optional d''')
description: Petite Rhapsody was composed in 1977 for noted trumpet artist, Gerard Schwarz. Originally scored for solo trumpet and brass choir, the piece was later scored for concert band and for piano. Since the original solo part may be too difficult for the advanced student player, an easier part is provided as well. In this alternate part, cadenzas have been simplified and the overall range of the composition lowered. It is this version that is recommended for the Advanced High School level.

According to the cover notes: “The Rhapsody should be performed in a free, easy style but with strict adherence to all dynamic markings. The opening solo theme is to be played with a smooth legato, lyrical style.” The primary difficulties include the rapid finger-work, many accidentals, cadenzas, and interpretive requirements. These are also the opportunities provided by the piece for the developing musician. The piece itself contains several contrasting sections in a rather free-flowing form.

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