Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Aria and Rondo

composer: Fiocco, J.H. (arr. Arthur Frackenpohl)
title: Aria and Rondo
publisher: Kendor
level: High School Advanced
range: b flat" (c''')
description: As indicated by the title, this piece consists of two movements, the first being a lyrical “song”, the second being a contrasting, lively piece. The Aria begins simply, but then the melody becomes more ornate and quite technical, requiring not only good finger technique, but also fluid flexibility throughout the range. The Rondo is somewhat faster in tempo, but its technical requirements are similar to the Aria. It is obvious by the shape of the melody that Mr. Fiocco was a violin and keyboard player, as the 16th notes skip around in repetitive, arpeggiated figures which often hover in the range from c’’ to a’’. The piece is not easy, but the music is well worth the effort.
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