Friday, February 22, 2019
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Remember Forward

composer: James Stephenson
title: Remember Forward
publisher: Stephenson Music
level: High School - Advanced
range: concert B’’

Composer James Stephenson composed Remember Forward in 2009 for trumpeter Bob Sullivan in remembrance of his wife, Robin.

For solo trumpet and piano, the piece is thoughtfully constructed in many ways. The composer treats much of the composition as a musical question. In his words: "There are at times harmonies unanswered; melodies unfinished; rhythmic ambiguity, and times of hope mixed with despair."

The composition is a beautiful homage, with inspiration drawn from Copland and Bernstein.

As with many lyrical works, there are subtle challenges for the performer including accuracy, and delicate passages. There are extreme dynamic indications. This composition also contains a wide dynamic and pitch range, with some angularity (large leaps) in a few spots. A fundamental command of the C trumpet will serve best, especially for a few high concert B's.

The musical context, range, melodic understanding, and the recommended performance on C Trumpet, create an excellent work for the developing high school or undergraduate performer.

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