Friday, February 22, 2019
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Fantasy for Trumpet

composer: Walters, David L.
title: Fantasy for Trumpet
publisher: Belwin Mills
level: High School - Advanced
range: concert Ab’’

Fantasy for Trumpet is a short, tuneful work for trumpet and piano. Approximately 4 minutes in length, this utility work can serve as a contest or solo festival selection for the advanced high school trumpeter.

Fantasy for Trumpet is a solid composition in it's construction. The piece centers around two main themes, one slow, one fast. The shifts in tempo are deliberate and straight-forward. There are logical and ample rests for the trumpeter. If the performer counts carefully, synchronizing the trumpet and piano is not a problem.

There are opportunities for the performer to demonstrate musical expression, range, and technique. The technical passages are tuneful, logical, and scale-based. Performance challenges include shaping long, lyrical phrases, attention to various articulations and slur patterns, and maintaining the indicated style at both slow and fast tempos.

Reviewer's note: Fantasy for Trumpet is an excellent choice for the more advanced high schooler. This composition also works for the developing college student who needs a shorter recital selection option. The bulk of the trumpet writing is in the staff, with only a few climbs in the upper register.

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