Friday, February 22, 2019
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Six Esquisses

composer: Porret, Julien
title: Six Esquisses
publisher: M. Baron
level: High School Advanced
range: C'''

Julien Porret’s Six Esquisses (sketches) for trumpet and piano is perhaps a lesser-known collection of six short character pieces, which are excellent additions to the repertoire. Each movement is distinctive in style, almost reminiscent of light French “salon” pieces. The lyrical qualities in each movement unify the overall collection and allow many opportunities for expression and nuance.

Porret (1896–1979) was a composer and cornet player with influences in ragtime and early jazz and has several original French ragtime compositions to his credit.

Challenges for the performer include angular slurs and the necessity for fluid transition from the low to high registers. Rhythmically, there are several challenging passages with divisions and subdivisions in both simple and compound meter. The range is modest in the first four sketches, staying in the staff. The last two sketches extend up to a high C, with several B-flats.

The piano contribution is decisively an accompaniment part. The piano parts are very accessible and easily align with the trumpet solo.

Some movements are more challenging than others. Certainly one or two movements can be extracted from the collection for a lighter, inner work on a recital.

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