Friday, February 22, 2019
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composer: Smallman, Jeff
title: Melancholy
publisher: Eighth Note Publications
level: High School Advanced / College
range: Bb''

Melancholy is a 3-minute lyrical solo for trumpet and piano, which is appropriate for a variety of performance settings. As the title suggests, the style is reflective, with well-written melodic ideas. This solo would be an excellent choice for a church offertory, wedding prelude, or a brief lyrical addition to a solo recital.

Challenges include large leaps, some slurred, within lyrical passages. The performer must maintain control in the areas of phrasing, tempo, and intonation.

Pedagogically, this solo provides an excellent opportunity for students to work on beauty of sound, phrasing, and vibrato.

The piano part is collaborative in nature and very accessible. Combining the trumpet part with piano is made easy with clear pulses during the trumpeters rests. The form is a gentle A-B-A.

From the liner notes: "The work is based on the French poem Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur (It Rains in My Heart).

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