Friday, February 22, 2019
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composer: Latham, William (1917-)
title: Suite
publisher: John Church Co. / Theodore Presser
level: College
range: c#’’’
description: Latham’s Suite consists of three short, contrasting movements: Prelude, Air, and Dance. It is in a style perhaps typical of 1950’s modern music: intervals of 4ths and 5ths predominate the thematic material to create an altered, but “tonal” sound. The Prelude is march-like (Marziale) and features double-tonguing. The Air is rhythmically simple, but melodically challenging due to the sometimes large intervals; it is also somewhat jazz-like in the harmonic content. The Dance is very fast (Presto) and features triple-tonguing; one of the most difficult spots occurs in its triumphal conclusion which contains a long trill on a#” (1st finger to 2nd is awkward). The accompaniment (a piano reduction of the orchestral score) is extremely difficult which may further limit its performance; it is however, very exciting and effective when well done.
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