Friday, February 22, 2019
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Beginner Solos

1st and 2nd year students; limited difficulty and range


composer: Burney, Charles (arr. by Lennie Niehaus)
title: Pastorale
publisher: Kendor
level: Beginner
range: e’’
description: The Pastorale features a simple, lyrical melody in 3/4 time, giving the early student a chance to be expressive within a less demanding setting. There is only on e’’, but it does go to c’’ and d’’ several times, all of which should be accessible to many beginners. This is a good piece to reinforce the dotted quarter / eighth note rhythm. (2:00)

Alley Cat

composer: Bjorn, Frank (arr. by David Polansky)
title: Alley Cat
publisher: Kendor
level: Beginner
range: d’’
description: The old favorite from the 1960’s reappears as a fun, early solo. Its syncopated rhythms and catchy tune will be very attractive to the 1st or 2nd year student. It is about 2:15 in length.


composer: Beethoven, Ludwig van (arr. by Paul M. Stouffer)
title: Minuetto
publisher: Kendor
level: Beginner / Junior High
range: e’’
description: Minuetto is based upon the minuet, which is a dance piece in 3/4 time from the 17th century. As a ‘dance’, it features a strong rhythmic pulse and a catchy tune. It consists of two main sections, the minuet and trio, which are followed by a repetition of the first section, resulting in an ABA form. The trio section features quite a few 8th notes, including several e’’s, so some 1st year students may not be ready, but most 2nd year students should find this a charming piece. (2:00)

Aria – Bist Du Bei Mir

composer: Bach, J.S. (1685-1750), arr. by Bernard Fitzgerald
title: Aria – Bist Du Bei Mir
publisher: Belwin Mills
level: Beginner / Junior High
range: f’’
description: This aria or “song” is very accessible to the young student due to its repetitions, slow tempo, and somewhat limited range. I always like for even the younger students to play “real” music by “real” composers whereas so much that is played by the 1st and 2nd year player sounds so silly and boring. Here is the chance for the best young players to perform beautiful music by Bach. It is not technically very difficult, but the player must have good control of the range from c’’ to f’’, and there are a few rhythms that will need explanation to the young musician.

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